Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday Favorites

So, lately I have been thinking of all of the things I just love. I realized I am an odd specimen of a woman. I thought, kindly, that I could share a few of my favorites with you. Any of my Friday Favorites will have to measure up to pretty high marks in order to make it to the coveted Friday blog. They must make me very very happy. Uncannily so. So here, reader, is a glimpse into my world..the world of favorites...the world of happiness. (Please note that of course my family, the church, friends, and so on are on the top of my favorites. This is more of an eclectic gathering of favorites differing from the norm )

Today's Friday Favorites begins with Mr. Rodgers. It was one awe inspiring and life changing day that Mr. Rodgers introduced me to my favorite food combination. He took out a banana. He took out some cheese. Yes, my friends, he put them together. There is something truly magical about bananas and cheese. It has been a favorite of mine for many years...literally.

The other day, I was making dinner and realized (in horror) that Taelor had never had this delectable combo. So, toothpicks in hand I tried it on him. Mr. Picky LOVED them!!! It was a momentous occasion. I was passing the torch onto a new generation. My shoulders are now a little more square and I stand a little taller. Someone, in this vast universe, likes bananas and cheese just like me (and Mr. Rodgers). I am at peace. Thank you PBS!! (Or was it KBYU?)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Family Update


From left to right: Lexi, Taelor, Halli, Brenden, and Trevin
(Lexi and Trev. are Heather's kids...Taelor and Halli are mine...and Brend is my brother)


Back Row: Mary and Brent D., Stewart, Spencer, Andrew, Daniel and Ashley W. (with Emma) and Karen and Scott E.
Middle Row: Jared and Chersten W. (with Halli), Daunis (with Eden) and Chad W. and Chadwin
Front Row: Taelor W., Kadee E., Krista W., and Bella E.
(Missing are Aaron, Lisa, Lydia, Hannah, Rachel and Jenny Wright)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Minnie Mouse

...and down she goes.

King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn

(or Disneyland workers as Jared would say - isn't eye
liner incredible?)

EDITORS NOTE: This was an Elder's Quorum party, we brought Halli
but Taelor got to go play at someone's house.
Thus - no Taelor...but stay tuned

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Loving Lucy

I have a friend. We are only separated by 62 years.
Her name is Lucy.
I love Lucy.

I always thought that there was a sacred triangle that you entered when you became a rickety old grandma. The sides of this triangle are "pessimism", "oh my aches and pains", and the last but definitely not the least is "kids these days". All people of an elderly nature are doomed to this triangle. I believed this. I cursed the day I would step out of my world into the dreaded triangle. I believed this, that is, until I met Lucy.

THE PAST: Lucy grew up like any little kid in the early 1900s. She loved to roller skate and bike. She had several barn cats and bright red hair. She went dancing on Friday nights and was wooed by the boys from the outskirts of town. She met one, fell in love and married. With that brought many joys and many hardships. She and her husband would take the widows in the ward for drives on Sunday afternoons to see the sights. One fateful afternoon, as they were driving, a little boy ran in front of the car. Lucy's husband slammed on the brakes. Lucy, who was pregnant at the time, hit the dashboard and consequently lost the baby. Her only other child died at the age of 40 from diabetes, and her husband died a few years later. I met Lucy because Jared was her home teacher. She was sweet and kind. One day, when Jared and Taelor were out of town I felt like I needed to go see Lucy. She was in the yard planting flowers. I spent the next 4 hours at her house planting and sharing meals on wheels with her. We laughed a lot. That became the beginning of a wonderful friendship. The thing that drew me to Lucy was her optimism. She hadn't made it through the triangle and that was mildly confusing because she was 89. She was children, no husband. She had her aches and pains...but "not any more than the next person". She had chosen to smile and laugh with life instead of be upset and bitter about it.

THE PRESENT: The more I learn about Lucy, the more I respect her. She LOVES music. She turns on music from the dancing days and trots around in the kitchen. She gets a silly grin on her face when she offers me an 'all the way' Pepsi. She reads love stories, and loves a good glazed doughnut. She loves the outdoors. She wants to see how her city is changing. She loves when the leaves change and aches to go to the mountains where she can see the beauty. She laughs...a lot. She gathers quotes and has them scattered around the house. Her favorite? "I often wake up grumpy in the morning, but sometimes I let him sleep in". She has surrounded herself with happy things. She finds joy in the simple things and hasn't allowed the taste of bitterness to enter her every day life. This is a small tribute to a very wonderful woman, but it is a tribute non the less.

Halli and Lucy, October 20, 2008

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Becoming Her

Yesterday, I became her. I have always imagined what becoming "her" would be like, and today I reached it. I was coming home from the elementary school having finished my motherly and community duties in the pta. As I drove in, the detective hair on my arm rose as I saw two boys across the street at the middle school being suspicious. Their heads were together and it looked like they were lighting something. (I concluded it was a smoke - very deductive Holmes) It was the middle school's lunch period and it was just beginning. The first thought in my mind was that I should call the middle school and tell them about the heathens. Then I thought of her. "Her" is the old woman in a rocking chair, knitting needles clicking, with the curtains slightly parted looking out and waiting. Waiting for something sinister to happen. When it does, she grabs the previously positioned phone and makes the call. Service rendered. So I didn't call. I was not going to become her. But suddenly I thought of the moms. Wouldn't I want to know what my kid had been doing during his nourishment period? Wouldn't I be overwhelmingly grateful for the person who was a tattletale? I could just feel the her in me itching to come out. At first it was a small nudge and then a lurch and then suddenly the 'phantom hand syndrome' overcame me and I grabbed for the phone.

Middle School Secretary: Hello?
Her: Hi, I live by the school and there are some boys on the North East side of the gym that I think are smoking. (so eloquently put)
Middle School Secretary: OK- Thank you. We'll send someone out. (That was it? No 'can I have your name and number and we will have the school officer come and question you and later give you a plaque with your name on it for service to the school?' Nope)

Service Rendered? Not quite. If I wasn't going to get a plaque, at least I had to see the fruits of my labors. I stood by the window, blinds parted and watched (knitting needles aside) By this time, several students were gathering. They kept closing around an object and then running away. (Very similar to what my husband does when lighting the fireworks display on the 4th) Well, right as the were lighting it, out of the school comes (I am assuming) the principal...running. My first thought was "oh heavenly penny, what have I done?" The principal (I'm assuming) was doing the slow motion Chariots of Fire run and the kids were doing some run to the theme song of COPS. Right before the principal (Eric Liddle if you will ) rounded the corner BOOM!! I actually saw flames. The hotshots were laughing and patting each other on the back until they saw the principal. Their faces dropped and they suddenly became model citizens just out on lunch break enjoying the fresh air and the newly mowed lawn. Now, back to her. Her actually jumped for joy and squealed. Her relished the event that had been so beautifully orchestrated by her capable hands. The principal gathered said boys around and made them empty their pockets. He questioned others. The kids dispersed and went inside. Her, pleasantly satisfied, went shuffling back to the rocking chair, grabbed the knitting needles, positioned the telephone, parted the curtains and waited.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Tagged? Oh my!

I am - always cold
I know - 2 + 2 = 5
I want - much more than what is good for me
I have - an amazing family, cute house, and lots of laundry to fold
I dislike - pessimism, unmade beds, and dry hands
I miss - good friends far away
I feel - sore (got 2 stiches today)
I hear - the soft hum of the dryer
I smell - baby lotion (I LOVE that smell)
I crave - banana cake and rocky road icecream
I cry - when I have hurt someone's feelings
I search - for binkies, keys, and answers
I wonder - how to get a call from Ed McMahon
I regret - regretting
I love - electric blankets, clear counters, beautiful music, sitting on the porch, and breezy days
I care - too much about what others think
I worry - about pretty much everything
I remember - my dad holding me until I would fall asleep again after a bad dream
I believe - in optimism and miracles
I dance - when only my family is looking and I am really tired
I don't - know how Jared finds the patience to teach 24 students for 6 hours each day -wow
I argue - when I think I can change someones mind
I write - down important dates on everything but the calendar
I win - when I play rumikub (except if I am playing Taelor)
I lose - my debit card on a fairly regular basis
I wish - I could go on a vacation with my family
I listen - to Bocelli and love it
I can usually be found watching - Halli sleeping, Taelor playing, and Jared smiling
I am scared - of the unknown
I need - to feel needed
I forget - to live in the moment and appreciate the little things
I am happy - to be alive!!!
I tag - my mom, Ashley, Mary, Becky, Marcy, Kelly L., Rachel, Carolina, Angela, Adrianne, Emily, Lisa, Sondra, Andrew, and T-star

(This was fun, thanks Jenny)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Halli's First Laugh

I have mixed emotions on this. I tried for literally hours to get Halli to laugh...Taelor, exactly 22 seconds. Well, if it had to happen, at least I lost to a very worthy opponent.