Thursday, October 8, 2009

Discretionary Caution Observed

I am feeling remotely free for this small space of time...a benefit to all who read this post because I am about to admit something that very few people know and even less want to find out about. I usually use discretion...not wanting to enhance the common opinion about me...but like I said I, for the moment am feeling free. Congrats.

I am fascinated at watching and observing how people handle things that come up in life. How they handle grief or change or hardships or blessings. I love to watch the resiliency in some and feel sad for those who don't handle things well. Oddly and even more fascinating to me is how I handle the above. I am not so great with change, hate grief, could give up hardships and I lackadaisically handle blessings.

The most poignant memory for me (and here come the beans spilling all over the floor) was a bed full of laundry. I remember, being fairly newly married, walking into our mobile home bedroom and seeing our bed with hundreds of thousands of clothes laying, heaping, and needing to be folded and put away. I remember the hate boiling up. Is this what my life had come to...a meaningless heap of laundry? I considered walking away. I pondered ignoring. I hoped for help and despised the reality.

But then came the resiliency. I squared my shoulders, straightened my shirt, replaced a fallen strand of hair, and became a talk show host. Yep. The third grade imagination came at me with full force. It was Chersten's Sharing eclectic mixture of ideas and expertise to help with the hum drum of daily life. I began the hour expressing my disdain for laundry and how I had found a way to fold and organize my clothing in a way that was not only satisfying to me but to the very clothes I had once had bad feelings for. I showed how to fold the fitted sheets, and the shirts, and how to properly hang those dress pants for optimum non wrinklage. The show was well received...I was an icon in the folding industry and best of all the hundreds of thousands of clothing items were all put away nicely, organized, and with love.

The sad thing, is that this has translated over to many aspects of my life. I also have a cooking show, an organization show, a cleaning and scrubbing hour, and many more I choose not to divulge.

We all handle things that come up in life very differently, mine just happens to be a little schizophrenic in nature.

Oh my gosh...I can feel the free feeling seeping out of me...I must hurry and publish this
before I wimp out.